Marketing Director Expert in Lottery

Lagos, Nigeria | Full-time



This person is key to directing and managing marketing plan which ultimately decides the success of our company. Whether the marketing director works alone or has a large staff we need someone who can do three things constantly on a daily basis. These three tasks are-

  • They must know what our competitors¬†are doing.
  • They must be able to spot trends and act on them first.
  • They must stay up-to-date with news, research, and any other information that directly affects our product or service.

This is simply a general overview of the roles and responsibilities of a marketing director. There are a multitude of tasks that fall under this job description that are based on the specific needs of our company. These include but are not limited to-


Job Responsibilities

  • To promote the sales of the company's products and services that will most benefit the customers, and to establish creditability through communication in a manner that will optimize the company's market share and savings, improve the company's efficiency, help achieve the company's mission and goals, and result in outstanding customer service.
  • The marketing director's responsibilities involve supervision, marketing, profitability and sales, reporting, purchasing, resale pricing, inventory, service, maintenance, and other duties as requested by management.
  • The marketing director will need to maintain a positive attitude that promotes teamwork within the company and a favourable image of the company.
  • The marketing director will provide supervision which involves establishing and communicating division goals and results to employees, staffing the division and delegating the workload, actively supporting employee growth, and upholding company policies.
  • The marketing director will be responsible to establish and communicate division goals and results to employees and if working with a large company this person will also meet to establish division goals with assistance from upper management.
  • The marketing director will staff division and delegate work load that is needed to meet market requirements. That person will also establish and update job descriptions for all positions within the division and recommend selection of employees based on job requirements. They will also review general work assignments for each employee daily. The marketing director will also staff and adjust work force to fit seasonal needs with a minimum of unproductive labor costs. The marketing director will also be responsible to employ seasonal work-sharing arrangements to minimize layoffs and unemployment compensation costs if so needed.
  • The marketing director is also responsible for internal employee growth and will schedule and supervise orientation for new division employees and update employees regularly on new product knowledge. The marketing director will also identify in writing annually any training which is needed for individual employees while discussing performance.
  • The marketing director will also be responsible to uphold all company policies and insure that division facilities and equipment meet all federal, state, and regulations.
  • The marketing director should be able to inform all customers of safe product handling. In addition they will be responsible for developing and updating a regular maintenance schedule for all division facilities and equipment.
  • The marketing director will also be instrumental in coordinating and assisting the department managers in developing annual marketing plans. He or she will also coordinate all advertising for the company and negotiate with print and other media representatives to ensure efficient purchasing of advertising.
  • The marketing director's responsibilities will also include reviewing marketing activities with all applicable management. These activities can include: sales call recap, market share report, sales analysis and strategy review reports, sales promotional efforts and upcoming promotional plans.